Considering Dance Classes In Littleton?

When you finally make the decision to take a dance class it is more than just showing up. You are nervous about being around other people or you’re nervous that you might look goofy. There may be inhibitions about your own ability “can I be taught? or will I have two left feet forever?” We often worry that we’re not doing it right or the same way everyone else is, or we think that our abilities are far less than everyone else in the class….the thing to please remember is that EVERYONE ELSE feels that way too!

Get out of your comfort zone!

Dance Classes in Littleton

When you come to a dance class at Destiny Dance Studio in Littleton for the first time it is naturally nerve-wracking! It is so natural to feel like everyone in the room knows what they’re doing except for you and everyone is looking at you. The reality is that because every other person in the room feels the exact same way, they don’t have time or room in their head to look at you too. Relax in the notion that everyone is just as “unrelaxed” on that first session as you are. Also, remember that you are in a dance studio to LEARN how to dance. If you already had the confidence to this…you probably don’t need to be in a dance studio. What you can rely on is the promise that you will learn how to do this as long as you keep showing up.

Learning is a process that takes time. Have patience with yourself and allow yourself to feel nervous and maybe even a little self-conscious but don’t let it stop you. Fear is the emotional “pothole” that flattens our “go-getter” tire. Fear can change your personality even. Example: have you ever been scared by someone sneaking up behind you? Is there a reflex there to punch the nose off of said person? Well, we all know you’re not a naturally violent person but fear changes that notion and creates a definite mean streak when it rears its ugly head. Don’t let that fear inhibit you from doing something so great for building confidence and joy in your life!

We understand your worries and we always make the effort to make you not only feel at home but also feel like you CAN do this because guess what…YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Whenever you’re ready to take that first step towards learning how to dance, make sure you are confident in your dance studio. If you’re not confident in the studio’s ability to make you feel confident then it may be a long time before you start to become comfortable with dance and social settings that involve dance.

So what are you waiting for? Also, be sure to check out our group dance classes to see which style fits your needs.

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