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  • Do you feel like your confidence has taken a hit as a result of past relationships and are now too shy to take the risk to rediscover your own personal joy?
  • Do you struggle to connect with people on a meaningful level and allow past circumstances to doom current relationships?
  • Do your relationship circumstances seem to repeat themselves again and again?
  • Do you seek fulfillment in others through your relationships and lose your sense of self in your involvement with others?
  • Are you chasing the proverbial “One” in hopes that you can turn a bad relationship into a good one?
  • Are you spinning your wheels trying to be geniunely heard and understood in your relationships with no clear victories?

Relationships Enriched Through Dance is designed to break the cycle and help give you the tools you need to do the following:

  • Take back your life and regain your former confidence so that you can forge ahead into healthy and mutually respectful relationships with peace and clarity
  • Learn new ways to interact with others that promotes positive thinking and trust
  • Acquire new skills that empower you so that you will be more adept at looking for the signs of healthy (and unhealthy) relationships and how to choose YOU in the process
  • Identify with yourself first and understand more clearly your worth in your relationships
  • Accepting yourself for who your are and then applying those same skills to accept the differences and attributes in another and how to work with those differences
  • Learn and execute effective communication so that you can be confident in your abilities to be understood and recognize your own value first

RETD is a 6 week program, hosted by Destiny Dance Studio of Highlands Ranch, that uses social dance as a tool to teach you how to positively interact with others to form new, healthy, confident relationships. For over 15 years we have been using social dance to help hundreds like you who have suffered from a divorce or broken relationships and spent so much time struggling to get back on their emotional feet. Find out how you can join this dynamic group of men and women who have found new life beyond divorce and broken confidence due to unhealthy relationships!

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