Get out of your comfort zone and sign up for Swing Dance Lessons at our Littleton studio! You can join our lively swing dance group class and pick up on your basics of four popular swing dance choices. Our team of professionals covers the Lindy Hop dance, Jitterbug, East Coast, and West Coast.

We Teach The Lindy Hop Dance, Jitterbug & More

Swing Dance Lessons LittletonThe all American swing is a great favorite not only nationwide, but worldwide and Destiny Dance has over 15 years experience in Swing dance lessons. Swing has several names and faces from the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and Hustle to the sultry East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. Other favorites for swing dancing lessons would include shag, jive, and country western swing. Destiny Dance offers all different styles and levels of swing dance instruction and private swing dance lessons are the best way to get on the fast track to becoming a swing dance master!

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