Couple’s Advanced Dance Lessons in Denver, CO

Dancing Classes for Adults

Our advanced dancers know the struggle is real to keep up those sweet sweet skills during a pandemic. It’s hard enough finding the space and the time, but to remember all those patterns and techniques can be daunting too! We are firing up our engines and kicking off the year right with our monthly Advanced classes. If you have had years of experience in the dance style we’ve listed for the month, this is the best time to start getting back into the groove and taking charge of your dancing once more.

Check out our group class calendar to see which dance is being featured every Wednesday at 8:20 pm each month. We look forward to dancing with all of you again! See you on the dance floor!

Advanced Group Classes and Couple’s Dance Lessons at Destiny Dance in Denver, CO are restricted to the experienced dancer interested in dancing classes for adults in a group atmosphere. These classes cater to the 1-2+ year dancer with an interest in furthering his or her pattern knowledge and exploring higher levels of technique and styling. Look below for our next scheduled Advanced Couple’s Dance Lessons in Denver!