Join us February 22, 2020 at 7pm for our SINGLES NIGHT! We’re partnering with Events and Adventures Denver to bring you a night of fun and mingling! CLICK HERE to sign up today!

At Destiny Dance Studio, our open dance classes and group adult dance lessons for singles can be a great place to meet other singles in your age range, with similar interests, and strike up a meaningful friendship. We offer you private dance classes where you can experience and learn many different styles of dance. Our singes dance classes will have you moving and grooving to the beat in no time. Dance is a great way to unleash your inner diva or dashing gentleman, and when it comes to fun Denver singles events, you just can’t beat a dance class!

We offer salsa, ballroom, swing, and cha cha. If you need more information before signing up, you can call us at (303) 738-5542 or email us at  Startdancingtoday@mydestinydance.com!

Dancing is a wonderful form of self-expression, as you learn the basic steps to a certain dance, gain confidence with repetition, and then put your own “spin” on it (maybe even literally!) you will find that dancing may take a little work to learn initially, but once you make a dance your own it won’t feel like work once your body is moving fluidly, in time with the music and in tune with your soul. You will soon find your feet itching to take the floor and enjoy the freedom and positive energy found in dancing. You can’t beat dancing as a great singles event in Denver. See how easy it is to make new friends in your classes!

Call us today at (303) 738-5542 to sign up for our singles dance classes near Denver!

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Your certified instructor will help you focus on the dance styles you are most interested in learning. There is no pressure to be perfect the first time, and we allow you to progress at your own pace. We offer dance classes for every skill level and style, including semi-private lessons which can accommodate up to four people, and which have a similar structure to our private dance lessons. You and your closest friends can enjoy some fun time together learning new dances and styles.

Contact us today about our singles dance lessons at (303) 738-5542, and discover your own unique sense of style on the dance floor, or stop by Destiny Dance Studio at 213 West County Line Road #214 in Littleton – just a short drive from Denver for the best singles events. When you call, ask about booking your free introductory private lesson. We can’t wait to meet you on the dance floor, and who knows? You might even find your destiny!