Could your Relationship use a boost? RETD can help!


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  • Is your relationship hanging in a limbo of mistrust and isolation, are both of you struggling to reconnect with one another?
  • Have you lost your ability to effectively problem solve as a team?
  • Have you lost faith in your relationship because you’ve lost faith in your partner? Is mistrust crippling your relationship?
  • Has your partner become your last resort for support instead of your first response?

Relationships Enriched Through Dance is designed to break the cycle and help give you the tools you need to:

  • Get back to enjoying each other and rebuilding trust and communication on neutral ground and in a mutually supportive environment.
  • Establish clear respect and communication to work through life’s challenges together, knowing that your partner has your back
  • Rekindle the core emotions that brought you together and use these fundamental sparks to ignight a new bond of trust and a deeper connection to each other
  • Learn how to build each other up in any circumstance and regain the title of “first champion” in your partner’s life

RETD is a 6 week program, hosted by Destiny Dance Studio of Highlands Ranch, that uses social dance as a tool to teach you how to positively interact with each other to rebuild a healthy and confident relationship. For over 15 years we have been using social dance to help hundreds like you who have suffered from trouble and conflict in their relationship and spent so much time struggling to work it out. Find out how you can join this dynamic group of couples just like you who have rediscovered true joy in their relationship!

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