Safety First, Fun for All During our Dance Class Lessons!

We are very excited to see you again soon! We will begin hosting private lessons in the studio the week of May 4th, 2020. We are taking this opportunity very seriously and are taking no chances with your health. Here is what you can expect when joining us at our adult dance studio in Denver for a lesson.

  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the studio
  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled dance class lesson
  • Staff will be cleaning and disinfecting surfaces between each and every lesson and will be washing their hands between each and every lesson
  • Everyone will be required to have their temperature taken at the door before entering the dance studio
  • When your lesson has finished please wash your hands again and promptly leave
  • Everyone will be required to wash their hands before their lesson begins and after it ends
  • No spectators are allowed to sit and watch lessons, if you’re not taking the lesson you must stay outside
  • If you are uncomfortable taking a lesson on the studio we are still hosting virtual private lessons!!!

As always….or what has become the “new always”…if you are not feeling well, stay home.

If you have been in contact with someone who is ill (REGARDLESS IF THEY HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH COVID-19 OR NOT) please stay home. 

If you are unsure….stay home. 

We are affording ourselves every chance to be safe so if you attend in person private lessons and would prefer to switch back to virtual dance lessons (or vice versa) we are more than happy to do that for as long as it takes!

Help us keep the studio a safe and comfortable place! We are happy to have you back!