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Discover the joy of dance

Dance Lessons in Denver

Whether you have a fear of dancing in public, don’t feel like you know how, or simply want to connect with your partner and others and experience the joy of dance, Destiny Dance is here to help you feel good about expressing yourself and feeling your best through the power of dance.

Give the Gift of Dance!

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Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Are you dance-resistant?

We get it. You think you have two left feet. Or that you’ll look stupid trying to “get down” with the youngsters. Perhaps you can make it through wedding season without having to embarrass yourself in front of your college buddies. We’ve heard them all. But can you really make the same excuses and continue to miss out on the fun and connections you see other’s making on the dance floor?

At our Denver, CO dance studio, we know that Adult Dance Classes are the key to unlocking incredible amounts of joy for anyone stuck in the “I can’t dance” mindset. Experience the joy and freedom of dance to improve your confidence, gain the strength and flexibility to feel your best, and connect with your partner and others through the magic of dance!

The Destiny Dance Difference

Dance Instruction

Free First Lesson

At Destiny Dance, we provide a zero commitment free first lesson to all our patrons.

Couple Learning to Dance

Always Supportive

At Destiny Dance you are always supported. We’ll never leave you hanging as you learn to dance.

Couple Dancing Elegantly

Flexible Plans

At Destiny Dance we provide the flexibility you need to learn at your pace.

We know what it feels like when…

For over 10 years, Kim Corrighan and her team at Destiny Dance have helped hundreds of aspiring dancers overcome the anxiety associated with dancing for the first time. Our commitment is to help you experience the thrill and excitement of expressing yourself and feeling your best through the power of dance. Here’s what our clients have to say:

Wedding Dance Lessons in Denver

“We had the BEST experience learning to dance with Kim. She worked with us on our first dance and was able to connect with us individually to best approach our dance instruction! She’s fun and professional and really knows her stuff! Can’t recommend enough! Great work!”


I’ve only been here twice but I already love it. We have done our classes with Danny who is very friendly and fun. Also met his partner Kim who seems equally great.I can only speak to the private lessons but they have been enjoyable and I definitely feel that I could learn to dance much better between practice and their instruction.


Nothing brings more joy into my life on a regular basis than the people and dancing at Destiny Dance. They have worked hard to create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. Whether I have gone for a lesson or a dance party I can hardly wait to come back and spend more time with friends doing what we all love…Dancing. The instruction is so good that everyone can experience success immediately whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer.


How It Works

Dance Instruction

1. Schedule your first lesson

Sign up for your first dance lesson – book a time that works for you.

2. First lesson

Come enjoy your first lesson where we’ll support your journey into dance!

Couples learning to dance at Destiny Dance

3. Select your program

If you had fun during your intro lesson, sign up for ongoing lessons that fit your schedule.

Get Started – Book Your FREE Private Lesson

The Latest

Enjoy a Free Private Lesson – or – Free Group Class to see what makes Destiny the best place to dance!


Discover the joy of dance at our Denver dance studio!

Dance lessons for anyone seeking to overcome the fear of dancing and experience connection through movement.

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